**Please note that this public demonstration will be the only part of the seminar open to the public.
The actual training and scenarios are for sworn law enforcement and military K9 personnel only.**​

Training Announcement:  27th Annual K9 Handler Survival Seminar - PAYSON SURVIVAL SEMINAR

Hosted by: Arizona Law Enforcement Canine Association



Please contact an ALECA Board Member (Tony Sanborn 602-828-2099 tony@alecapolicek9.com)

When: July 15th-18th, 2019

Location: MONDAY CERTIFICATIONS - Payson Christian School - 1000 E Frontier St at 1000hrs


                 TUESDAY CERTIFICATIONS - Payson Christian School - 1000 E Frontier St. at 0900hrs

                             PATROL CERTIFICATION
                 TUESDAY DEMO - Fairgrounds - 1440 S. Beeline Hwy | Gates open 1700hrs, demo 1800hrs

                 WEDNESDAY REGISTRATION - Payson Christian School - 1000 E Frontier St 1000-1130hrs

                 WEDNESDAY ALECA MTG - Payson Christian School - 1000 E Frontier St 1100-1200hrs

                 WEDNESDAY SPEAKERS - Payson Christian School - 1000 E Frontier St 1200-1600hrs

                 WEDNESDAY BBQ - Rumsey Park - 1600-1730hrs

                 WEDNESDAY SCENARIOS - Various - starts at 1800hrs

                 THURSDAY SCENARIOS - Various - starts at 1700hrs

Time: Various
Cost: Seminar-$150/ K9 Team;            

About the Seminar

A two-day seminar covering multiple topics related to K9 deployments designed to increase survivability for the K9, the handler, and fellow Officers. Each day will begin with several hours of classroom instruction, followed by 10 reality-based scenarios at various locations. Participants will receive a packet with more information about groups and locations on Wednesday afternoon after registration.  Each scenario is unique and will test the handlers decision-making abilities, while also helping to develop the canine’s confidence and experience in “high liability, low-frequency” deployments. NPCA will also be hosting certifications for Patrol, EOD and Narcotics during the seminar week.

Handlers looking to complete a certification while in attendance will be eligible to book rooms at the host hotel, Quality Inn at 801 N. Beeline for the a discounted rate.


Who Should Attend

All current, certified Law Enforcement Canine Handlers. This is a scenario-based seminar that will include your police K9 and all equipment you carry on-duty. Please come with your assigned police vehicle prepared to deploy your K9.


Hotel: Quality Inn at 801 N. Beeline Hwy in Payson, AZ 85541 Phone 928-474-2141


ALECA is a organization that consists of Law Enforcement handlers and trainers throughout the Southwest. Meetings are held several times per year, usually in conjunction with training and seminars.

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