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ALECA High-Risk Deployment Seminar Hosted in Tucson Integrates SWAT and K9 Teams.

November 13-14 2019 Tucson, Arizona - SWAT Officers and K9 Deploy to apprehend a fleeing dangerous felony suspect in a scenario at the annual HRD Seminar. Hostage situations, barricaded armed suspects, dangerous fugitives are just a few examples of what are considered “High Risk Deployments” in the world of law enforcement. The successful outcome of these incidents depends on how well the specialized teams like SWAT and canine work together. The High-Risk Deployment Seminar is focused on creating just that synergy for success.

Through this intense scenario-based training, both K9 and SWAT become more confident and comfortable with each other, complementing the strengths and abilities of each unit, leading to a single team approach for safely resolving high risk tactical incidents.

The Tucson Police Department K9 Unit, Pima County Sheriffs Department K9 Unit, and teamed to present this annual training. All of us at ALECA want to thank TPD K9 and PCSD K9 for their great job in hosting and presenting this training!


ALECA is a organization that consists of Law Enforcement handlers and trainers throughout the Southwest. Meetings are held several times per year, usually in conjunction with training and seminars.

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