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Every day K9 Officers and their dog partners respond to some of the most dangerous calls and situations in police work. These unique risks recognized by Arizona K9 Handlers and Trainers led to creation of The ALECA CANINE OFFICER SURVIVAL SEMINAR 27 years ago. The mission was to replicate real-life incidents through scenario-based training making these Officers and their K9 Partners better prepared to confront these high-risk deployments and return home to their family and friends at the end of their shift.  This seminar includes of two days for K9 Teams to complete their yearly re-certifications followed by classroom trainings, and two nights of intense scenario-based training.


This advanced training has already paid off in numerous real life situations on the street, including several high-risk deployments during which handlers later related they were on a call and adjusted their tactics and deployment to a successful resolution based on a scenario or scenarios they had gone through while attending the ALECA CANINE OFFICER SURVIVAL SEMINAR.


ALECA works to keep the registration fee as low as possible so any Law Enforcement Agency and the Military can afford to send their K9 Teams to this advanced training. As of this time, the registration fee is only $150.00 per team. (One Handler and their K9 Partner)


As is expected, advanced training of this caliber is very expensive. Costs include the costs of our guest instructors from out of state including airfare, ground transportation, hotel, meals and other expenses.  ALECA additionally pays for the hotel fees for all the ALECA staff, certifying officials, Instructors for the seminar, decoys for the scenarios, as well as the meals for staff and participants during the classroom trainings and briefings.


ALECA also brings our own Specialized K9 Veterinarian, staff and equipment from Phoenix up for the entire seminar. In addition to being available for any K9 medical issues that may arise, our vet presents advanced emergency K9 medical training and oversees resupply of individual handler emergency K9 first aid kits.


While the military and law enforcement agencies pay the registration fee for their respective K9 Team(s) to participate in the seminar, those fees do not cover all the costs associated with the seminar.


ALECA does not receive any money from any government agency to help pay for this seminar, nor do we currently receive funding from businesses, corporate or private sponsors.


The only monies ALECA has to offset the costs of this seminar comes through direct sales of our K9 merchandise sales and of course, through the generous donations of our Law Enforcement K9 Supporters


By donating now to the ALECA CANINE OFFICER SURVIVAL SEMINAR, you are having a direct and tangible impact on crucial training for our Law Enforcement and Military Handlers as well as their K9 Partners.


One hundred percent of your donations go directly ALECA. We do not have any third-party fundraising organizations, nor do we do phone, email, or mail solicitations for donations. Additionally, because all our fundraising for this event is internal, we DO NOT share any of your information with anyone, we do not compile a list like other fundraisers do, who later sell that list to other organizations or businesses. And, as THE ARIZONA LAW ENFORCEMENT CANINE ASSOCIATION is a registered 501C.3 Not-for-profit organization, your donations are tax deductible! Always check with you tax professional regarding charitable donations.


It is not an exaggeration to say your donations will make a dangerous job safer for our K9 Handlers, and their four-legged K9 Partners, and may in fact save the life of a of a Handler or their K9.

Please donate today!


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